Mother Tongue Books is preparing to publish The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind in Chewa, the national language of Malawi. By publishing this inspirational children’s book in the mother tongue language spoken by 12 million Africans in and surrounding Malawi, MTB hopes to offer students an exciting story for use in the classroom and home.

In 2010, HarperCollins Publishers introduced us to William Kamkwamba, a teenager who built a windmill and brought electricity to his family in Malawi, a luxury reserved for a small percentage of Malawians. The young adult novel is a New York Times bestseller and Kamkwamba has blossomed into an international speaker and inspiration for students. The story was illustrated and released by Dial publishers in 2012, making the story available for young readers to draw inspiration.

In 2014, Mother Tongue Books is making it possible for the students throughout Malawi and neighboring countries to read the inspirational story in Chewa, the national language of Malawi, language of instruction in Malawi schools, and the mother tongue language of 12,000,000 people in south-eastern Africa. Chewa, is also known as Nyanja, Chichewa and Chinyanja , and Nyasa in neighboring Zambia and Mozambique.

Stay tuned for additional information about donating a book to a student in Malawi or buying one for your home library.

Boy Who harnessed wind cover