About Mother Tongue Books

Mother Tongue Books mission is to improve literacy by publishing books and educational resources in mother tongue languages.

Mother Tongue Books’s primary objective is to improve literacy in developing countries by providing culturally appropriate books and other educational materials in mother tongue languages. Access to print material is instrumental in helping students learn the fundamentals of reading, improves reading performance, and improves children’s attitudes towards reading and education. Charities, churches, aid organizations, and libraries have tried to address the dearth of children’s books in developing countries by importing used or excess books from North America or Europe, but the majority of those books are in English and are oftentimes culturally inappropriate.

Mother Tongue Books puts books children want to read in the languages they understand in order to facilitate reading and improve literacy.

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  1. Dear Admin.

    Good day!

    I have written big books (50+) in my mother tongue Sugbuanong Binisaya a dominant language here in the Philippines.I am also the founder of Bukidnon MTBMLE Advocates Inc. How could I help in your advocacy?

    Thank you.

    James M. Gaje

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